22 trips for your 2022 adventure travel bucket list

Travel is back and travellers like yourself are re-evaluating their bucket lists. Destinations are added, priorities rearranged. Are you ready to tick once-in-a-lifetime trips off your travel bucket list?

Here are 22 trips for your 2022 travel bucket list.

Highlights of Australia and New Zealand

Small Group Holiday

23 days from CA$10699

Visit Down Under on this highlights trip of Australia and New Zealand. Start in Sydney, with a harbour cruise, before exploring the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. Then it is off to the Red Centre to learn about Uluru and Kata Tjuta from an Aboriginal perspective. Next is Melbourne with its local food scene and the nearby Great Ocean Road.

Fly to Auckland in New Zealand to visit wineries before experiencing geothermal activities and Maori heritage in Rotorua. On South Island, you take the TranzAlpine train from Christchurch over Arthur’s Pass to get to Franz Josef. There are several options to explore its glacier, before you end in Queenstown for an exploration of Fiordland NP and plenty of optional activities, including bungee jumping or a jet boat ride.

New Guinea Explorer

Small Group Holiday

14 days from CA$17930

Imagine an island where hundreds of languages are spoken, where people are still relying on their Stone Age heritage. Now throw in some of the remotest and least travelled mountains and valleys, all clad in lush rainforest, and you have a region where true adventure awaits. Our two week tour of New Guinea will take you to both countries that lay claim to the island - Papua New Guinea and Indonesia's Irian Jaya. Explore unique villages along the Karawari River, enjoy incredible biodiversity at Rondon Ridge and meet the tribes from the Wamena Highlands and the Baliem valley during the Baliem Valley Cultural festival.

Highlights of South East Asia

Small Group Holiday

28 days from CA$5695

Vietnam's lush rice paddies, Laos' tropical forests and ancient villages; Thailand's hazy mountains and cascading waterfalls; Ha Long Bay's craggy limestone cliffs rising from the sea; Cambodia's ancient Angkor Wat. And everywhere gleaming temples and golden Buddhas, bustling cities, smiling people and wonderful food. Come and discover South East Asia on this Grand Tour of Thailand and Indochina.

Trekking Nepal - Everest Basecamp

Small Group Holiday

16days from CA$3349

Nepal's Everest Base Camp has captivated the minds of trekkers around the world ever since the 1920's and the multi-day hike to basecamp offers some of the most breathtaking scenery you will see anywhere in the Himalaya. In addition, the fascinating culture and a personal sense of achievement will make this a once-in-a-lifetime trek.

All of India

Small Group Holiday

25 days from CA$6450

The moment you set eyes on the Taj Mahal, you know you are seeing an edifice unlike any other. India is like that - it stirs the soul, it challenges your conceptions, it changes you. It is a spectacular mix of people, traditions and landscapes - from the deserts of the north to the backwaters of Kerala and from the sacred Ganges in Varanasi to the beaches of the south. Temples and shrines are everywhere while fortresses dominate the cities in Rajasthan - all reminders of an ancient history and spirituality. Throw in the tigers of Ranthambore and the elephants of Periyar and you have a journey full of contrasts. One things is for sure: you will remember your journey through this fascinating country long after you've left its shores.

China in Depth

Small Group Holiday

19 days from CA$5245

China conjures up images of the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, of glittering cities like Shanghai, of the Forbidden City in Beijing and of a cruise down the gorges of the Yangtze. China is so diverse it's like several different countries rolled into one and this is reflected in its many cultural minorities and its food. This in-depth tour of China shows you all that and more. We also include the Giant Buddha at Leshan, the Panda Research Base in Chengdu and the ancient water town of Xitang. Come and sample this marvelous country with us.

Trans-Mongolian: ride the rails from Beijing to St. Petersburg

Small Group Holiday

23 days from CA$5595

Travel from China's capital Beijing through the steppes of Mongolia and the taiga of Russia to Moscow and St. Petersburg. En-route, stop in at a nomadic camp in Terelj, stay in a village on Lake Baikal, take a break in the pretty provincial Russian town of Kungur, visit Suzdal's monasteries and churches on the Golden Ring, and explore Novgorod's Kremlin. This 23-day adventure on the Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Siberian Railways will give you unique insights in to the Mongolian and Russian culture, psyches and landscapes.

Grand European River cruise - Budapest to Amsterdam

Small-Ship Cruise

15 days from CA$9715

From festive Amsterdam in The Netherlands to stately Budapest in Hungary, this two-week river cruise along the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers immerses you in all that Europe is famous for - castles, thriving cities, vineyards, traditional foods, cultural events and centuries of history.

Furthest North - Expedition to the North Pole

Small-Ship Cruise

14 days from US$31995

In our imagination the North Pole is perhaps even more unattainable than the top of Mount Everest. But with this expedition cruise this is no longer the case. Cruise by icebreaker through multi-year ice, take a balloon flight over the Arctic landscape, stand where few people have stood before you and to top it all off, discover the wildlife and scenery of remote Franz Josef Land.

Franklin's Legacy - expedition cruise through the Northwest Passage

Small-Ship Cruise

17 days from US$11995

Join this adventure cruise in the wake of Rear-Admiral Sir John Franklin's ill-gated expedition through the northwest passage in Canada's high Arctic. Drop in on Inuit settlements for cultural experiences, encounter wildlife such as polar bear, walrus, whales and muskoxen and of course myriad birdlife. Witness arctic glaciers, beautiful fjords and sculpted icebergs, hike the colourful tundra and visit places such as Beechey Island, where three members of Franklin Expedition are buried, and abandoned RCMP and Hudson Bay outposts.

Haida Gwaii - Expedition Cruise to the Galapagos of the North

Small-Ship Cruise

9 days from CA$7100

Formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, the archipelago of Haida Gwaii lies 130 kilometres off Canada's west coast. The island group is also knows as the 'Galapagos of the North' for its endemic and rare species.

On this adventure by land and by sea you will cruise into Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve at the southern tip of the islands, where you visit ancient village sites and see the remains of long-abandoned big houses and memorial poles. It is here you will listen to the stories of the Haida Guardian Watchmen who will share their culture and heritage with you.

As you cruise along the pristine beaches and remote coves of this rugged coast you get to experience rich intertidal life and old growth temperate rainforest. You may see Stellar Sea Lions, at low tide you may spot black bear feeding along the shore while out in the ocean you may spot humpback whales. Meanwhile there are millions of birds to be seen, including puffins and bald eagle.

Throughout the cruise you will take rides in zodiacs, make frequent shore excursions, go kayaking or fishing and learn from naturalists encountered along the way.

Journey to the Holy Land

Small Group Holiday

7 days from CA$3510

Israel, the Holy Land for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, is a country like no other. From the Dome of the Rock to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western Wall on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to the clifftop fortress of Masada, the Dead Sea and the Christian sites in Galilee and from crusader castles to Haifa's Baha’i Gardens to worldly Tel Aviv, this tour shows you all the highlights of Israel and the Palestinian Territories, plus a few hidden gems!

Egypt and Jordan Explorer

Small Group Holiday

16 days from CA$6230

Discover the highlights of Egypt's Nile Valley: the pyramids, citadel, mosques and museums in Cairo, the towering Pharaonic temples and Valley of the Kings near Luxor and the masterpiece of a temple Ramses II built in Abu Simbel. Cruise the Nile before flying to Amman in Jordan and travelling to the spectacular desertscapes of Wadi Rum. No trip of Jordan is of course complete without a trip to the Rose City of Petra, where we'll spend two nights before setting off for the Dead Sea, the mosaics of Madaba and the Roman ruins of Jerash.

Tanzania Tented Camp Safari

Small Group Holiday

8 days from CA$6749

With a guaranteed window seat it is easy to spot the birdlife and tree-climbing lions at Lake Manyara, watch predators on the hunt on the plains of the Serengeti, discover a veritable Noah's Ark of wildlife in the Ngorongoro Crater and watch the elephants of Tarangire during one of those magnificent African suns