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The best vacation spots for every type of adventure traveller (part 2)

adventure travellers in their favourite vacation spot

What type of traveller are you? Do you love to get in touch with local culture? Do you prefer to hang out in museums or try new food? Are you a hiker, a cyclist, a beach bum? Are you a wildlife lover or more of a city person? Do you crave solitude, busyness, cultural landscapes or wilderness?

Perhaps you want it all, although not always at the same time. Here are the best vacation spots for every type of adventure traveller, part 2.

busyness in bangkok travel

If you want busyness

If you prefer hectic cities and the buzz of masses of people, what better places to go than the cities of East Asia. Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong in China, Saigon in Vietnam and Bangkok in Thailand are probably some of the busiest, most fun and exciting cities anywhere in the world.

cultural landscape in tuscany

Cultural landscapes

Picture hills clad in vineyards, olive groves surrounding old farm houses, cattle serenely grazing in the meadows, truffle hunters foraging in the forests. Few cultural landscapes can beat those of Provence, Puglia, Tuscany and Umbria. And what better way than to experience them on foot or by bike?

wilderness in mongolia


Despite the pressures of modern society there are still some truly wild places left on earth. Here in Canada Hiking the Tombstone Range or paddling and hiking the Yukon will get you into some of the greatest wilderness areas our country has to offer. In the Arctic, Svalbard, the archipelago of which Spitsbergen is the main island, is the best place in the world to see polar bear and with almost the entire island group protected, your wilderness experience is guaranteed. Likewise of course in Antarctica and its islands like South Georgia.

To best experience the African wilderness, head to Botswana while in Asia I would recommend Mongolia.

Isfahan in Iran

For history lovers

I admit it - I am a bit of a history-loving nerd. And during my travels I take time to explore historic sites and discover the stories of the people that lived there. Some of my favourite places include Rome, Venice and Naples, Istanbul, Iran and Morocco. Peru, Jordan, Egypt, India, Cambodia and China of course all have fascinating histories and should be at the top of your list if you want to discover the world's past.

atacama in chile

To the desert

What are the best deserts in the world? Are they the sand dunes of Morocco, Namibia or Rajasthan? The steppes of Mongolia, the sands of Saudi Arabia, the rocks of Wadi Rum or the spectacular landscapes of Chile's Atacama? Or is it perhaps the Australian Outback of Antarctica? For desert lovers there is a whole world to explore!

rainforest jungle


Tropical rainforests are some of the fastest disappearing landscapes on Earth, but there is a growing awareness that our planet's lungs need to be preserved. Brazil has reversed Bolsonaro's policies, Peru protects the upper Amazon, Costa Rica has many types of rainforests, while Borneo is home to such wild creatures as orangutans and proboscis monkeys.

And few would think of Australia's east coast, New Zealand's Fiordland or Canada's we(s)t coast, but here too can one find spectacular rainforests.

travellers raising a glass on a douro river cruise

River cruise

As you may know, in November I am joining a river cruise along the Main and Rhine in Germany. And Europe is the continent where river cruising is at its most popular, along such beautiful rivers like the Danube, the Douro and the Rhone or the Dutch waterways.

Further afield there are such mighty rivers as the Nile, the Amazon, the Mekong and the Yangtze to explore.

wellness in costa rica


Has work burned you out? The pandemic left you low on energy? Or do you just need a pick-me up? We have some fun wellness-based adventures in Bali, Costa Rica and Iceland.

For the seeker of something deeper

Perhaps wellness is not quite going deep enough for you and perhaps you are seeking something more, something spiritual. Some people turn to India, others find it in serene Laos. But the ultimate experience must be hiking the Camino de Santiago - just be sure to go off season to have a quieter experience.

traveller in new zealand

And for sheer variety?

Where would you tell people to go if they want a nice mix of landscapes, activities and experiences? Would it be New Zealand, South Africa, Morocco, Croatia or Chile?

What is your favourite all-round destination? Let us know!

Did I forget your type of adventurer? Take a look at part 1 or contact me for tailored advice.


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