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The best vacation spot for every type of adventure traveller (part 1)

traveller walking out of the door

What type of traveller are you? Do you love to get in touch with local culture? Do you prefer to hang in out in museums or try new food? Are you a hiker, a cyclist, a beach bum? Are you a wildlife lover or more of a city person? Do you crave solitude, busyness, lived-in landscapes or wilderness?

Perhaps you want it all, although not always at the same time. Here are the best vacation spot for every type of adventure traveller

man pouring tea in morocco

For lovers of local culture

I have always loved visiting Iran for the fabulous people. But let's face it, it is not exactly the spot to be right now. A close runner-up is Morocco where tour company Intrepid Travel excels in getting you into local homes for dinners, chats and more. Morocco in Depth, a Premium Adventure

museum with classical statues

If you love museums

If you love museums, what better place to visit than Italy? From the churches and bienale of Venice to renaissance Florence and the countless splendid museums of Rome. Don't forget Naples though where the Cappella Sansevero was one of my highlights. And definitely don't forget to book your tickets in advance! Best of Italy

food in morocco

Adventures in food

If you love to eat your way around the world, what is your favourite destination? Is it a toss-up between India and Sri Lanka? Or will Vietnam, Thailand or Morocco make your short-list?

walkers in tuscany italy

For the rambler

My favourite walking areas for folks who do not want to get too tired, who want to stop and smell the roses and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine for lunch, are all in Europe. It would be a choice between Puglia, Tuscany and Evia in Greece.

For the hiker

If however you like to get your pulse racing a bit, feel like you have done a proper hike and deserve a good meal at dinner time, then go for something a bit more intense. Hike the Cairngorms in Scotland for example, or join us on the fabulous Lycian Trail. if you enjoy a spot of wellness after your hike, look no further than the Dolomites. Want to go further afield? Try hiking Mount Kinabalu, the Galapagos or New Zealand.

trekkers on kilimanjaro tanzania

For the serious trekker

If you enjoy spending your entire vacation on foot, and want to make the hiking a journey where you change overnight spots every night, then a proper trek is meant for you. The Inca Trail is of course a classic, as are Everest Basecamp and Mont Blanc. Lesser-known treks are the Haute Route, Kilimanjaro's Northern Circuit and Bhutan's Snowman Trek.

Closer to home, consider the Tombstone Range or the Rockies.

cyclists along the danube in austria

For she who travels on two wheels

One of our most popular trips in Canada, and a great introduction to cycling vacations is Le P'tit Train du Nord in Quebec. Another great intro is the trip from Passau to Vienna along the Danube. Riding along the Croatian Coast is a perennial favourite, as is Cycling in Jordan. For both of those you'd need to be reasonably fit. Further east, Cycling in Kerala, Sri Lanka or Vietnam are popular tours.

palm trees on a beach

For the beach bum

Ah - adventure travel is great. But after travelling around a country it is nice to sit on a beach for a bit too! So which country has the best beaches in the world? Is it Thailand? Sri Lanka? The Philippines? Cuba? Maybe you need to find out for yourself and go to all of these? What is your favourite beach?

For the wildlife lover

If you love wildlife there are plenty of places around the world to go to. In our hemisphere, the Galapagos, Costa Rica and South Georgia come to mind. Further south, a trip to Antarctica will get you up close to penguins, seals, whales and more.

lions on a rock in africa

But the ultimate wildlife destination must be Africa. Imagine being on the Serengeti - grasslands as far as the eye can see, predators galore and home to that dazzling spectacle of the wildebeest migration. Or how about a private game reserve deep inside the wilderness of Botswana? Or a gorilla trek?

Oh, and let's not forget the tigers in India and the jungle wildlife of Borneo!

trevi fountain in rome italy

For the city slicker

What is your favourite city? Baroque Prague? Historic Venice, Florence and Rome? Bustling Istanbul? Scenic Cape Town or Rio? The imperial cities of Morocco? Or perhaps frenetic Saigon and Bangkok? Or do you prefer more modern cities like Sydney and Melbourne? Romantic Buenos Aires anyone?

seeking solitude in the desert


In today's hectic world there are moments we all need solitude. And while it is increasingly hard to find, there are still places around the world where you be away from it all. Deserts come to mind, like in Namibia, or steppes like those in Mongolia. The Okavango Delta in Botswana is a haven of tranquility. Closer to home the Torngats in Labrador are so hard to get to few people ever make it. Similarly, the Canadian Arctic, Svalbard and Antarctica are all places few people visit.

Didn't find your type of adventurer? Check out part 2, or you can contact me for tailored advice.


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