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The twelve best places to travel on an adventure in 2024

globe north pole view

Post-pandemic many travellers are looking for meaningful travel - be that ticking off a bucketlist item, finding solitude or connecting with fellow travellers and people in the destination.

Here is my list of the twelve best places to travel on an adventure in 2024.

Waterfall and rainforest pool in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Always a destination of choice, Costa Rica was one of the few countires that remained open during the pandemic. For those of you looking to fulfill their bucketlist, consider walking its hidden rainforest trails to azure-blue ponds and plunging waterfalls. Discover plenty of wildlife and birds along the way and be awe-inspired by the view over the forest canopy. Zipline down back to terra firma and perhaps enjoy a spot of kayaking, rafting, snorkelling or sailing or simply an afternoon on the beach. This is La Pura Vida - Costa Rica style. For wildlife lovers I recommend Rainforests of Costa Rica, while those short on time should look at Highlights of Costa Rica.

Landrover in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia


If you are looking to get off the beaten track in Latin America, Bolivia should be your destination of choice. Explore inmense landscapes, a strong indigenous culture and colonial towns, a unique flora and fauna, visit Pre-Columbian archaeological sites, walk around Bolivia’s capital, Sucre, and get lost in the streets of picturesque Potosí. Don't forget the salt flats of the Salar de Uyuni, an unforgettable experience offering wonderful photo opportunities. The markets and plazas of La Paz, and a stay at an eco-lodge on Lake Titicaca’s beautiful Isla del Sol make for a fitting end to a journey through fascinating Bolivia. Bolivia Explored is the best trip.

Greenland flowers, house and mountain


You have probably heard it said that Greenland is the new Iceland. Well, apart from having ice in common, that's where the comparison ends. Greenland is all about huge mountains lining still fjords, icebergs calving off inmense glaciers and a fascinating culture and history. Above all else it is a place to find solitude and quiet. If you want to travel to parts of Greenland few people have set foot before, consider Greenland by land, sea and air. If you are interested in Viking history, The Saga of Erik the Red - Expedition Cruise from Iceland to Greenland, should be your journey of choice.

Coastal scenery in Sicily, Italy


OK, I admit it. I have been to Italy so many times I have lost count. And I still haven't seen it all! Italy's diversity is enormous - compare Rome with Naples, Florence with Venice, Sicily with Tuscany, Puglia with the Dolomites and Sardinia with the Veneto and you only have begun to scratch the surface. Not only is it a great place to discover art treasures like on our Best of Italy, it is also a wonderful place for an active holiday, be it in the Alps, the Dolomites, the Cinque Terre, the Amalfi or Puglia.

castle in scotland


Scotland has become a real draw for adventurous travellers, be it whisky lovers, hikers or discoverers. Castles, incredible landscapes of mountains and lochs, beautiful Edinburgh, and a fascinating history make for a great vacation. And did I mention the islands?

Scotland Explorer is a good tour for those wanting to discover without getting tired. Whisky and the Western Isles will have you discover exactly those, while hikers should look at Hiking in Scotland's Highlands.

the blue town of chefchaouen in Morocco


About a year ago I revisited Morocco on a Premium tour with Intrepid (read my review here) and i fell in love with the country all over again. The cultural treasures found in the Imperical Cities, the hidden oases of the Atlas and beyond, riding a camel in the Sahara and visiting the blue city of Chefchaouen should all be on your agenda. If you have two weeks, consider Morocco In Depth - a Premium Adventure. If you have a few more days, ask me about adding the lovely seaside town of Essaouira.

zebra, impala and wildebeest in the ngorongoro crater in tanzania


Home to the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth - the annual wildebeest migration - Tanzania will impress you like no other place. Take a safari through the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. Hike your heart out on Mount Kilimanjaro. Get off the beaten track in Ruaha and Selous in the deep south. Be sure to end your trip with some fabulous food and stunning beaches on the legendary island of Zanzibar. Safaris are best done in your own small group.

emperor penguins in antarctica


Post-pandemic we have seen a surge in people ticking off bucketlist trips - "now or never" seemed to be the mindset. As such, Antarctica cruises have become very popular indeed. And with a host of new specialized ships now making the crossing of the Drake Passage, there are trips for every budget and every comfort level.

I have created a valuable guide for those wanting to travel to Antarctica. It contains valuable advice on when and where to go, what ship to choose, budgetting and insider information cruise companies will not share.

Samarkand in uzbekistan


Inmensely popular pre-pandemic, Uzbekistan is sure to make a strong come-back. Now is the time to beat the crowds. The ancient Silk Road cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva conjure up images of unimaginably wealthy oases linked by caravans, of imperial politics and incredible architecture. Beautiful turquoise domes and towering minarets grace the skyline while down below everyday life goes on in markets and cafes from years gone by. With hospitality firmly ingrained into the culture, this is one country you will not want to miss. If you prefer adventure by day and comfort by night, look no futher than Silk Road Cities of Uzbekistan - A Premium Adventure. But if you have 3½ weeks to spare, and want to see the entire region, our Central Asia Discovery should be on your list.

view of sand dunes gobi desert mongolia


The first time I visited Mongolia I fell in love. Imagine a country so remote you may feel at times like you are the only person on earth in it. Add the stunning scenery of rolling grasslands, rugged mountains, ice-blue lakes, deep forests and sprawling deserts. Then there are the nomadic people who have a natural affinity with travelers and who will invite you into their gers for a meal or an overnight. Just like me you will fall in love with one of the last wild countries on earth. Discover Mongolia will take you deep into the steppes and the Gobi Desert.

boats in hoi an vietnam


A breathtakingly beautiful country, Vietnam is at once incredibly exotic and utterly compelling. Gaze over the surreal limestone islands of Halong Bay, walk or cycle through rice paddies, soak up the street scenes in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, get clothing tailored in Hoi An, dodge traffic in Saigon, enjoy delicious food, laze on long sandy beaches and mingle and laugh with the engaging locals. Vietnam is all that and more. Discover Vietnam - A Premium Adventure is a great tour for those wanting to travel in comfort. Or consider something more activie with our Cycling Vietnam

view of temple in sri lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the Resplendent Isle, the Pearl of the Orient. Splendid temples, ancient ruins, welcoming people and flavourful food are all to be found within this small country. Search the jungles for elephant, leopard and water buffalo, walk among tea plantations and waterfalls to rainforest-covered peaks and take a spectacular train ride through the highlands. Top it all off with some time on the dazzlingly white and often untrod beaches.

Beautiful Sri Lanka is our most popular tour.

castle on loch in scotland


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