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Vaccines and the Covid-19 pandemic - when can I travel again?

As we are well into 2021 and vaccines are being rolled out in a stop-and-go pattern across Canada, and while we're still in the midst of this terrible pandemic, the question on everybody's mind is: "When will life be back to normal again?". And by extension, the question on every traveller's mind is "When can I travel again?"

With a statement made by spokesperson Public Health Canada (PHAC), we now have a good idea of what our options are.

Initial timeline

As vaccines are being rolled out across PHAC has published a time line during which vaccines will be given to all Canadians:

September is now the end date

According to a CBC report, PHAC now says it believes Canada's vaccine supply will be sufficient to allow all Canadians wishing to be vaccinated to get their shots by the end of September. "Based on current data, by the end of Q3 2021, Canada projects having a sufficient number doses to be able to offer a vaccination to every Canadian," a spokesperson for PHAC said in a statement to CBC News. The "Q3" refers to the third quarter of the calendar year — July, August and September.

General population: April

As the timeline shows, priority populations will get vaccinated before others. If you are deemed an essential worker, you may find you'll get your first jab this month, followed by your second shot mid-January. But most of us are not deemed essential workers, so we will have to wait until vaccinations are more widely available, starting in April.

So when can you travel?

Some essential workers may be able to take a well-deserved holiday as soon as restrictions get lifted. But those of us in the general population stand a very good chance of being able to travel in the fall. (There are a few things to keep in mind, as outlined in this article).

What about new variants?

Currently we are waiting to see the impact of new variants of the Corona virus although vaccine companies have indicated they will be able to tweak their vaccine within six weeks.

Booking now is smart

Wouldn't it be nice to have a vacation to look forward to to keep you going through the darkest days of the pandemic? As I outline in this article, booking now for a trip later in the year is the smart thing to do. Deals and flexible booking conditions are available now but they won't last.

Mask up, keep your distance

Until this pandemic is truly over, please mask up, keep your distance and stay safe.

More on this

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