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Why Exodus Travels is such a great tour operator (with only one flaw)

I have been fortunate enough to have travelled on more adventure tours with Exodus Travels than I remember. A quick count lists as my favourites the Amalfi Coast, Puglia, the Dolomites, the Ring of Kerry, Iceland (hking and Aurora) and the Greek Islands.

There is a theme here - hiking in Europe and it is with active trips that Exodus made its name in Canada. It is on these trips that Exodus offers more inclusions and better hotels than many of their competitors. And with almost 300 active Europe adventures there is a lifetime of trips to choose from.

So why travel with Exodus?

Aside from the comfortable level of hotels, Exodus employs really good local tour leaders on their small-group adventure tours. On my last trip in Greece our guide had been working for Exodus for over two decades and it showed. It showed in his professionalism, in his knowledge, but most of all in the way he interacted with his guests. Not a single request was too much, he always accompanied us to dinner and he was fun to be with. Case in point the impromptu dance he engaged in with the owner of a local taverna in Paros.

Besides small-group tours Exodus also has an enormous line of self-guided holidays and their popularity really took off during the pandemic. Fantastic route notes paired with maps help you find your way along some of the best hiking trails in Europe. Hotels used here are mostly 4-star and often wonderful meals are included. (On my own Dolomites trip I only managed to eat through all five courses once). And where needed, luggage is transferred for you between overnight stops, so you only hike with a daypack.

Well-researched itineraries are a hallmark of Exodus Travels adventure tours, although one could argue that of late they are sticking with the tried and true. But if you are looking for a good holiday exploring the highlights of a destination, then both in and outside of Europe Exodus has hundreds of holidays for you: from cultural and wildlife trips in Asia to discovery and hiking trips in Latin America to explorations and wildlife trips in Africa and the Middle East.

If I had to name one flaw Exodus has, it is perhaps the fact they are late to the table with a comprehenvie sustainability effort. Whereas other tour operators are operating carbon-neutral tours, Exodus has only committed to a 50% reduction by 2030. However, they do run many projects to help local communities and we applaud their latest addition, rewilding 100 square metre per passenger in Italy, which is not unlike our own 1% for the future challenge. But they are coming to the table, which is commendable for any company.

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