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The best places to travel for adventure in March

cherry blossoms in japan

March will be here before you know it. And if you worry about winter taking just a little too long, here are the best places to travel for adventure in March.

maya ruin in central america

Mexico and Central America

South of the Rio Grande, the world is basking in its dry season and it is a great time to travel to the ancient ruins of Mexico, the reefs and jungles of Belize and the rain forests, volcanoes and beaches of Costa Rica. Of course, if you want to get more off the beaten track, we have tours in Nicaragua as well.

sea lion in the galapagos islands

South America

Much of South America is in the throws of the rainy season and while visiting Peru is an option, I wouldn't recommend hiking the Inca Trail. Areas you can travel in March are Colombia and Patagonia. In fact, Patagonia will soon be too cold to go, so now is the last chance before November.

And there is never a bad time to travel to the Galapagos Islands. December through May are great for swimming and snorkelling, you can see the mating rituals of animals and birds, flowers bloom and the sea is calmer. During June through November fish and birdlife are generally more prolific. Find out more about when and where to go, plus insider tips, in our Ultimate Galapagos Guide - download it here.

courtyard in chefchaouen, morocco

North Africa & the Middle East

With East and Southern Africa also in the grip of their wet season, if you want to go to Africa, the north would be the place to go. There is no reason to believe the current Gaza conflict will spread beyond it's borders so travel to Egypt and Jordan is definitely a possibility. In fact, it is a great time to go as sights will see very few visitors.

Those of you who wish to not worry about international politics should go to Morocco, or, if you fancy something a little more off-the-beaten-track, Tunisia or Oman.

And while the wet season is perhaps not everyone's preferred time to go to Tanzania, it is a great time to get a front-row seat to the wildebeest migration. The Green Season from March through June offers the best light and conditions for photographers on safari in Africa. The light is soft and golden, the air is crisp and clear, making colours pop, and sunsets offer skies with dramatic stacked cloud formations.

street scene in provence, france


With spring on the way, March is a great month to do a river cruise. Cruises by their nature focus on more popular spots and by going in March, you will have those places virtually to yourself.

For more adventurous folk, apart from Aurora hunting in Iceland, southern Europe is where the warm weather and the action are. It would be a lovely time to hike from Tuscany to Rome along ancient pilgrim paths, walk the beautiful island of Madeira, taste the food as you ride through Puglia or along the Croatian coast.

For those wanting something a little more unusual, consider hiking in Cyprus.

trekker on the everest basecamp hike in nepal


March is a great time to trek through the Himalaya as the warmer weather returns and flowers bloom, specifically the rhododendrons. Everest Basecamp and the Annapurna Circuit are the big hitters here. I once hiked the Annapurna-Dhaulagiri range, a wonderful hike away from busy trails. Next door in Bhutan we have easy-going sightseeing trips as well as treks.

Over in Japan the cherry blossoms have arrived and March is arguably the most popular time to visit the country. We have trips for all budgets and comfort levels but those wanting a mix of activities and cultural sights, can't go wrong with Trails of Japan.

While India is starting to get hot and steamy, March is a good time to visit Sri Lanka. South East Asia is also starting to warm up, but trips to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos are still a good option.


March is late summer in Antarctica which sees the climax of the wildlife season with more viewable activity of wildlife and greater interaction between species. Whale sightings at their best. You'll find seals and whales almost everywhere we look. Humpbacks and minkes are breaching and leaping very regularly.

In addition, you can get some beautiful Antarctica sunrises and sunsets create stunning photo opportunities.

Penguin chicks begin to fledge and roam the colonies as they are running, chasing, tripping and falling, but also being chased by parents and predators. Leopard seals increase their patrols as chicks will be learning to swim and getting ready to go out to sea.

Finally, receding Antarctica pack ice permits forays further south and into the Weddell Sea.

Find out more about Antarctica, when and where to go, what ship to choose and insider tips cruise companies won't share, by downloading our free Antarctica guide.

If you need more inspiration, or would like to discuss booking a trip, please contact me.

wildebeest in tanzania


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