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Ten regions you want to travel to in the fall

Colourful vine leafs grace the blue shutters of a home in Roussillon, Provence, France

Fall is the adventure traveller's most popular travel season. But you want to make sure you pick the right destination to have a great holiday. Don't vacation for example in the Central America as you will get rained on. Similarly, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand can see significant flooding in October.

So what are the best parts of the world to travel to in fall? Here are ten regions you want to travel to in autumn.

Southern Africa

With the rains not expected until sometime in November, the countries in Southern Africa are basking in the dry season. It means trees and bushes drop their leafs and animals congregate around what little surface water is available, making them easy to spot. Botswana, is famous for its elephants, Namibia for its giant sand dunes and South Africa for being a world in one country.

East Africa

Like Southern Africa, the rains in East Africa are not expected until November. Here however, they are called the short rains (they end in December) as the really wet season doesn't start until March. It means you have an extended travel season throughout the fall and winter. Kenya's Masai Mara always teems with life, while the famous wildebeest migration will have moved in to northern Tanzania. In Uganda and Rwanda the main attraction is gorilla tracking.

Galapagos Islands

There is never a bad time to travel to the Galapagos Islands. December through May are great for swimming and snorkeling, you can see the mating rituals of animals and birds, flowers bloom and the sea is calmer. During June through November fish and birdlife are generally more prolific.

The Andes

Come November, the rains sweep in across the Amazon jungle and start to fall on the eastern slopes of the Andes. Which makes October the best month in autumn to trek or travel to Machu Picchu or the Ecuadorian Andes.

East Asia

Summers are scorching hot on the east-Asian seaboard. Come autumn, fall colours give a whole new dimension to traveling in Japan, while cool temperatures settle over China. Don't travel too late in the season to China though as coal-fired furnaces are sure to increase air pollution in cold temperatures!

The Indian subcontinent

With the summer monsoon retreating, autumn heralds the start of the travel season in