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Where you can travel to on your next adventure travel holiday in December

where to travel in december

While some like to huddle at home for the holidays, December is a good time to travel to many far-flung and not so far-away places. Here are the places where you can travel to on your next adventure travel holiday in December.

havana, cuba in december


The hurricane season in the Caribbean is over, so what better time to travel to Cuba than December? A country where the clock has stood still for over 60 years, where road-side billboards declare "Socialism or Death" and where commercialism is still refreshingly absent. A land proud of its heritage where people greet you warmly on every corner. A place where old classic cars mingle with horse-drawn carts, where the beaches are pure white sand and palms and sugar cane sway in a gentle breeze. Throw in a beguiling mix of revolutionary music, salsa and decaying colonial towns and you have a country you do not want to miss. For a quick getaway, Best of Cuba is a great tour, but if you want to have an in-depth experience, do the tour I did: Cuba in Depth.

snorkelling in belize in december


A country proud of its cultural and natural heritage, Belize occupies a sliver of land between Central American jungles and the Caribbean. Belize's Barrier Reef has some of the best snorkelling and diving anywhere on the planet. Where the reef peeps out of the water you will find sandy Cays, perfect for kayaking, paddleboarding or just lazing about. The jungles of the interior, where tubing, canoeing and caving are but some of the activities offered are a haven for myriad wildlife, flora and birds. Lost within are Mayan archaeological sites with numerous temples and tombs. Beautiful Belize is an adventure playground, a nature lovers' dream come true and a beach paradise all rolled into one. Explore Belize is a great trip taking you to all corners of this tropical paradise (and beyond!).

volcano in costa rica

Costa Rica

What can be said about Costa Rica that hasn't been said already? Wonderful jungles, spectacular mountains and volcanoes, interesting wildlife and lots of activities you can enjoy. Highlights of Costa Rica offers exactly that but if you want to really experience the wildlife and nature, try Rainforests of Costa Rica.

sloth in central american jungle

And other Central American countries

Guatemala, famed for its volcanoes and indigenous culture, is a little-travelled destination. Explore the Mayan Heartland on this tour, which shows you sites in Mexico's Yucatan and Honduras as well.

Then of course there is Panama, known to be like Costa Rica was 30 years ago. If you feel like a good workout, consider Cycling Central America.

Finally, Nicaragua is one undiscovered country few people have made it to.

colourful houses in colombia


While most Andean countries are well into the rainy season, December is a great time to visit Colombia. Welcoming, sophisticated people, epic scenery, timeless colonial towns and outdoor adventures galore, Colombia has been waiting to be discovered. From the cloud-forested mountains of the Andes to the jungles of the Amazon, from the gorgeous old town of Cartagena to the Lost City and from the pretty coffee plantations in the highlands to the palm-fringed beaches of the Caribbean, Colombia is one varied, fascinating country.

It's a large country, so ideally you have 2½ weeks available and can join us on Colombia Explored.

iguazu falls argentina and brazil

Argentina and Chile

While weather-wise you can get all four seasons in a day, December is one of the best months to explore Patagonia, including Perito Moreno, one of the easiest accessible ice fields in the world, and the mountain ranges of Torres del Paine and Fitzroy, both offering world-class hiking, ice climbing and camping.

Further north there are Chile's Lake District, the wineries of the Central Valley, Easter Island and the moonscapes and geysers of the Atacama Desert.

Meanwhile across the Andes is the exciting Argentine capital Buenos Aires, and, last but definitely not least, Iguazú Falls, the world's most awe-inspiring waterfalls.

wildebeest migration tanzania

East and West Africa

Turning to Africa now, while Southern Africa is in the midst of its wet season, East Africa sees a short rainy season which doesn't impact travel much but results in some spectacular photography opportunities. It is one of the best times to see the wildebeest migration without the crowds.

Winter meanwhile is a good time to discover the fascinating cultures of Benin, Togo and Ghana

colonnade jerash jordan

North Africa, Turkey and the Middle East

After the earthquake in Morocco we fielded many calls about whether people should travel. One school of thought is that people need income from tourism now more than ever. Of course we make sure we are not hampering reconstruction efforts but our tours in Morocco are running with only minimal amendments.

December is a great time to explore Jordan and Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia or Oman and if you are looking to discover a destination without many people around, consider Turkey in Winter.

athens greece

Europe in winter?

It may sound counter-intuitive but winter is a splendid time explore parts of Europe. You just have to know where to go. Consider the white villages of Andalucia, hiking the Amalfi Coast or walking on the forgotten Greek island of Evia. And mainland Greece can be discovered away from otherwise maddening crowds.

And of course this is the only time you can see the Christmas markets, either on a tour or on a river cruise.

Finally, December is also a good time to try your luck at Aurora spotting in Iceland.

mask in kerala india


The moment you set eyes on the Taj Mahal, you know you are seeing an edifice unlike any other. India is like that - it stirs the soul, it challenges your conceptions, it changes you. It is a spectacular mix of people, traditions and landscapes, from Himalayan peaks to the hills, backwaters and beaches of the south, from the sacred Ganges to the deserts of Rajasthan. Temples, shrines and fortresses are everywhere, reminders of an ancient history and spirituality. One thing is for sure: you will remember your journey through this fascinating country long after you've left its shores.

dambulla sri lanka

Sri Lanka

In an earlier post I gave you ten reasons to travel to Sri Lanka but in reality there are hundreds. And while the political situation was unsteady for a while, tours are running as normal once again, both discovery tours as well as cycling adventures.

traditional dress laos

South East Asia

One of the first non-European regions to see people travel to after the pandemic was South East Asia, with Thailand and Vietnam the two leading destinations. But laid-back Laos and Cambodia with the temples of Angkor are of course waiting for you. Of course you can have it all in one trip too!

mountains in new zealand

Australia and New Zealand

December is high season in Australia and New Zealand. Choose to see the highlighs of Oz, or explore the east coast in depth. And who hasn't dreamed of tramping (it's what they call hiking down there) in New Zealand?

penguins in antarctica

And finally - Antarctica

Christmas in Antarctica is one experience you will not easily forget. During the Antarctic summer, wildlife is in full swing as temperatures rise and activity levels increase.

On South Georgia and the Falklands penguin chicks emerge and fur seals are breeding and pupping. Antarctic penguin chicks hatch while whales and seals are increasingly numerous.

Longer days in Antarctica means you can read a newspaper on deck at midnight and south of the Antarctic Circle you will see the midnight sun.

Would you like to explore any of these or other destinations? Contact me!


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